Not only are we are constantly serving the best subs and wings in town, but we have fun doing it! This is our image gallery, here is where you can find some pictures of some amazing food, the awesome employees that keep our customers happy, and some of those happy customers themselves. Soon you will also see our videos that we will also have on our YouTube channel . We will be showing you around the store, let you get to know some of the employees, and you might even catch a secret recipe or two.. So stay tuned.. We dare you to look around our gallery and not get a cravin’ for some Big Ten.

Our world famous and always awesome subs…

Here are some pictures from our busiest day ever when the Gophers played the Hawkeyes on 9/28/13… We’d like to thank our customers for coming out and having a blast with us, as well as our employees who worked their buts off to serve those awesome customers!

Here is a close look at some of our other popular menu items.. Click to enlarge but remember these are just images, they are not real!

*The Big Ten is not liable for anyone who attempts to eat his or her computer

There is much more to come so visit the gallery again soon! And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get some VIP deals. It’s also a great way to find out what our soups of the day and week are!

Our campus location is closed, but we are still hoppin' in Hopkins!!