Thank You Gopher Fans!

We just wanted to thank all of the Gopher fans (and yes, even the Hawkeye fans), who came out to The Big Ten this past Saturday. It helped us set a record for sales and our staff had one heck of a time regardless of the outcome of the game. We sold so many subs that we nearly ran out of sub buns and salami! Days like this are why we love doing what we do. Sharing the ups and downs of a gopher hawkeys 3Big 10  football game with our fellow Gopher fans, the interaction with all of you, the rush of the rush, having fun by helping you have fun; these are things that the Big Ten ownership and staff love to do, so thank you to everyone who made it happen. It is quite obvious that Gopher fans (and Hawkeye fans) know where to go to for pre/during/post game activities. We just hope that we can top it in a few weeks when the Gophers play the Cornhuskers. We hope to see you back here on October 26th!

Most of you who will be reading this are already fans of ours outside of the digital universe, and we appreciate it more than you will ever know. We love our customers. We would like to offer you even better deals than you already get for walking through our doors. Just like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Come on, you know how awesome our food is and how authentic our atmosphere is, don’t you want to share that with your friends and get your food and beer just a bit cheaper? Don’t you want to know about any of  our specials or upcoming events?

We hope you like and follow us, but if you don’t, there’s no hard feelings. We know that there are still some who use old fashioned networking. Those of you are in luck as well because we know just the place to do that in fact, we know 2 places to conduct some old fashioned networking… See ya soon!

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Our campus location is closed, but we are still hoppin' in Hopkins!!

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